We want to collect data from a sharepoint-server to show e.g. a list of files in an Outsystems application.
However when we implement the REST-service to collect the data we get an 403 (Access denied) error:
    <m:code>-2147024891, System.UnauthorizedAccessException</m:code>
    <m:message xml:lang="nl-NL">Toegang geweigerd. U bent niet gemachtigd om deze bewerking uit te voeren of deze bron te openen.</m:message>

Does anyone came accross this same issue and/or can anyone suggest how this problem can be solved?

Hi Piet,

As far as I can see (looking at the error message) the problem lies within the authorization of Sharepoint. The user that is requesting the REST should get permission to request data from Sharepoint. Just like employees get permission to parts of your Sharepoint. You should contact your IT department or organization who is managing your Sharepoint. Hopefully that will work out. If not, I am curious what the problem causes. 

I created a test app to demonstrate exactly how to connect to sharepoint via REST API within Outsystems.  see here:  http://intrinsicinnovation.com/Articles/2018/08/22/integrating-sharepoint-with-outsystems/

Also, I created an OutSystems application to actually connect to SharePoint: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/4114/chris-johnson-sharepoint-connector