Tables replicated

Good morning, 

I'm having replicated tables, how should I delete the replicated tables without having problems?

I tried to use the DB cleaner, but it does not delete the tables.

Thank you.


Hi Agno,

Why do you think these are "replicated tables"? There can be several reasons for Entities to have physical table names like this.

You can (using SQL Management Studio) perform a query like this:

select, *
from ossys_Entity ent
left join ossys_espace es on = ent.espace_id
where physical_table_name like 'osusr_c1c_personuser%'
and ent.is_active = 1
order by

to check what the logical name of these tables are (i.e. the Entity names), it could well be someone copied PersonUser in Service Studio, published, then changes the name afterwards.

If they are actually referring to the same Entity (only one will have Is_Active set), the only way to get the above situation is someone recreated an Entity multiple times, or did Ctrl-X/Ctrl-V multiple times.


Hello Kilian,

Only 1 replicated table is found active with this query,

the others are not being used.

Can I delete this unused tables manually by (SQL Management Studio)?

Thank you.

Hi Agno,

I think you can, but I'm not 100% sure. Before doing so, I'd advise you to contact OutSystems via the Support Portal, and ask them, just to be sure.

ok Kilian, thank you.