How to use SilkUI patterns in not SilkUI theme?


We have a site that based on London theme and we would like to add some patterns from SilkUI. We've added patterns as dependencies but it doesn't work as there is an error on page ReferenceError: Can't find variable: SilkUI 

Where is the script the defines SilkUI variable that we can include in our pages?

Thank you


Hi Nick,

There is a web block 'WidgetsForLayout' from silk that you need to put in your layouts for the patterns to work.

You can also reference this answer for the few extra pieces you will need on your layout:

Let me know if you have any issues,



Hi Justin,

Thanks for the tip - it solved the problem. I've also managed to get it work by implicitly including SilkUI JS scripts.

Trying to comment in more than one thread to see who answer first, I am trying to use Modal when using London layout.  I have tried to create my own layout like explained in the link provided by Justin.  I cannot make it work.  What "THEME" do I use with the GetCssGlobalContext() that will ensure the CSS I need is added?

I know I can use a pop-up editor, but from a # of object perspective that is not cost efficient.  I want to use Modal.  

Anyone have success doing this with London?