I have an excel in below format which my user will always use  to upload to system.

It goes by row instead goes by column.

How should i do in OutSystems to read such file.

Help Please!!!!

I would say to have a structure with the "row" format and then use the Excel to Record list feature.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi Johnson Lim,

The platform's Excel to Record List tool only reads records by row, not by column like you're asking.

My first question would be: how hard would it be to change your user's habits and have them fill an Excel file in a format OutSystems can read out of the box?

If not, my suggestion for a quick workaround is having a 2nd sheet on the Excel template you provide for your users to fill, so that they still fill the 1st sheet like this, but on the 2nd sheet you transpose it to be on the right format. Then you can use the Excel to Record List tool on the 2nd sheet of the Excel file.

I haven't tried this out, but don't see any obvious reason why it shouldn't work. Would this be a viable solution?