Absences Manager

Absences Manager

Dear All,

Another question that i wanted to ask, but forgot has just now come to me...

The Absences Manager Solution uses a system action OnSessionStart. This action uses itself, a Enterprise Manager referenced action named Login_WithCookie...However latest versions of the Enterprise Manager have no Login_WithCookie action, so my service center is always warning me about using broken references to the Enterprise Manager...

Any sugestions on how to deal with this?

EDIT: In the mean time, i've replaced the Login_withCookie for the new Login_withDomainAccount action, and it seems to have solved the issue..
Is this a good way to workaround the problem?

Best Regards,
Hi Rui,

Absences Manager solution that you've downloaded from the solutions catalog in the community is for version 4.0.x of the OutSystems Platform although this is not stated in the solution requisites.

If you want to use it I suggest that you read the Enterprise Manager 4.1 Upgrade.pdf that comes with version 4.1.1 of Enterprise Manager.