[IdP Mobile] IDP Mobile - IdPIntegratedLogin

[IdP Mobile] IDP Mobile - IdPIntegratedLogin

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Published on 2017-12-03 by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 2017-12-03 by leonardo.fernandes


I'm trying to use idp-mobile and I keep getting an error on the login screen in the step where I replaced the "DoLogin" server action with "IdPIntegratedLogin" client action.

so at first I was making sure that I managed to setup Azure as my Identity Provider:

1. I have successfully setup my IDP with Azure ADFS.

2. I have successfully created a custom web application that uses IDP connector for login.

3. I have successfully manged to login with my credentials using the "Idp Mobile Sample".


Right after that I wanted to use idp-mobile in a custom mobile application so here is what i've done so far:

1. created a mobile app (phone with mobile module)

2. I added idp-mobile using the "manage dependencies" option

3. I replaced the "DoLogin" server action with "IdPIntegratedLogin" client action, and I've updated username , password and persistence as required.

4. I tried to login an got an error - screen shot attached.

Many Thanks,

Dudi Levi


Yesterday I tried to setup the IdpServer (the one from forge) so I will be able to use the default login page and without browsing events.

So now I get the following error please see the attachment.

Hi dudi,

Didn't fully understand the error on 1.png.

Regarding the second post, you have to set the correct domain for the REST call to OS IdPServer, which is dummy by default.

So on the IdP module, you can find a REST api being consumed called MobileAuth. The "default" URL is https://idp-server-domain/IdPServer/rest/MobileAuth 

You have to change "idp-server-admin" with the correct IdPServer domain.


Telmo Martins