[TinyMCE] Forge component merger (InputToTinyMCE)

Forge Component
Published on 2015-08-05 by Joshua Austin
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Published on 2015-08-05 by Joshua Austin


I would like to merge my "InputToTinyMCE" plugin to yours "TinyMCE", so we can have a single component that is better and more up-to-date.


Some of the features that we would benefit from are:

  • Latest TinyMCE community version (4.7.10) including all .js and .css files
  • Multilanguage support (see demo here)
  • eSpaces compatible with P9.1 and P10
  • Updated app icon

If you agree, add me to the team so I can make the proper changes, publish P9.1 and P10 versions and delete my own component afterwards.