Hi everybody,

We have multiple applications running on our OS platform. Our end-users are situated in an existing oracle table (now still part of an old java appl.). We developed a authorisation/authentication module to handle all of the synchronisation between the oracle table and the OS users functionality. This works like a charm. However: Due to the fact that this module uses the same OS users for all of the applications, we have an undesired case of Single Sign-On. 

When i log in as X on Appl. A, then open a new tab for Appl. B, i'm already logged in as X. If i then login as Y on Appl. B and return to my first tab, i'm logged in as Y on Appl. A. For us this is undesired. Is there any way of preventing this? Especially since we are, deep down, using the same user table in OS?

Kind regards,

Hi Alexander,

OS has a single log-in strategy, in that all eSpaces using the same User Provider share the log-in session. There's no way to disable this. If you need log-ins per Application, you'll need to create a User Provider per Application, and edit all the eSpaces in the Application to use that. These can be copies of each other, all using the underlying existing user table.