PDF Generator plugin for Mobile application

I need a working demo or a detail procedure to generate a pdf file and to view and download it for mobile application..

Thanks in advance,

A.Ebina Sony

Hi A.Ebina Sony,

Did you try looking on the Forge? A quick search by "pdf" and restricting it to the Mobile platform produced these results:

I'm pretty sure the PDF Generator Plugin's goal is exactly what you're requesting...

Check the Details for more information, but in general this sort of components receives an URL for an HTML document that they then convert to PDF and just return the binary.

Hi Jorge Martins, 

 I am already trying to achieve that with the PDF Generator Plugin only...  But can u give me a in detail procedure to Build Template and GeneratePDFFile, in specific , I have doubts with the inputs that we give to the BuildTemplate function, the Template and Context for it...

It would be better If u can give me a step by step procedure....

Thanks in advance,

A.Ebina Sony

I cannot sorry, I never needed to use the component.

But then you might be better off asking these questions on the component's Support page, there you'll get the attention of the team behind it, they're the best ones to help you.

The component details say it is heavily based on the pdf-generator Cordova plugin, so you might want to check their documentation for more clues as to how to use the features made available by the component.

The template engine seems to be handlebar.js, so you can check their their website for an explanation of how to build your templates.

Thank you ,Jorge Martins. I'll try that....