Dynamic form from JSON

Hello all!

Give the following JSON, I want to create a part of the form based on its content. Ultimately I want 1 combo box created for each "Collection" with the available choices in the list being the values of the collection. Is this sort of thing possible? 

"Collection1": [
"Collection2": [

Hi Joe,

This is not directly possible. Dynamic forms are not the forte of OutSystems (intentionally, I might add).

That said, assuming the JSON has a fixed structure so that you can use the JSON Deserialize statement, you can more or less trick this by creating a Table Records based on the collection list, with inside it a Combo Box with the right options.

Hi Kilian,

I did leave out an important piece of information, the JSON is coming from a REST call so it already creates an object representing the JSON. However, since this JSON is actually going to be dynamic, the automatically created object won't work.

Is there a way for me to create a custom component to render the form myself? I'm a highly experienced C# developer.


Hi Joe,

Completely dynamic JSON seems a bit of a stretch? There must be some structure to it?

Anyway, there's no easy/sensible way to do this. OutSystems was not build for these kind of scenerios.

By dynamic I mean the number and name of collections and the number and names of their values.

I was wondering if this can be done in Integration Studio. I don't know the extent of what can be developed in it.

Hi Joe,

Integration Studio is basically limited to developing Actions that you can call from Screen Actions and Actions inside Service Studio. It is not meant for or suited for developing on-screen widgets.

Ok, thank you Kilian.