export input fields to pdf

Hi team,

I am trying to Export the form to pdf.The PDF format file is getting downloaded but the content is not able to display. Please help me with this.

Hi Sri,

The OutSystems Platform does not have a standard PDF output component, so what are you using? Did you mean to post in a Forge component's forum?

Hi Sri Vais,

Are you using the HTMLtoPDFConverter ?

I am using it for all my PDF output.



Hi Sri VG,

We are here you to help you out, But in order to do so we need little details about the cause of getting this error.

If you share little more details of the components that you are using to generate the pdf  and the flow would help us to assist and resolve the issue that you are facing....



Hi all,

I am not using any component for PDF.Please help with a example to get the PDF downloaded with content displayed. 

Thanks ,

Sri vaishnavi.

Hi Sri VG,

Use HTMLtoPDFConverter component to generate a pdf where you can design the PDF and you can display the content in the pdf.

Hi  kirit,

Thanks for your response. I will try it.

Thanks ,

Sri vaishnavi.