Error creating Extention from iSeries Foreign Entity

I linked an iSeries V5r3 to the OSS database server.
When I try to Create an extention From the Databese, I select the LinkedServer, then select the database (in this case the catalog, this connections only create 1 database witrh the catalog name), and then I get the following error:

The OLE DB provider "SQL Server" for linked server "(null)" reported an error. One or more arguments were reported invalid by the provider.

Can anyone Help me.
João Mendes

P.S. - Selecting a record in "management studio" works fine.
Hi João

What type of database do you have in your iSeries V5r3? DB2?

Currently, direct foreign database introspection using Integration Studio is only possible using DB Links between SQL Servers, and same Oracle to Oracle linked servers.

We suggest using a SQL Server view to map your DB Link tables and then import this view in integration studio. In order to fully work in runtime as well, please make sure the HubRuntime user (or OSRuntime) as full data reader and data writer privileges over it.

More information on how to integrate with DB2 is available on , using the Microsoft Host Integration package.

Hope this information is helpful.


Miguel João
Thanks for your answer about Foreign Entities.

I'll try to make the views of DB2.
João Mendes