Use inbuilt Outsytems database or have an external database?

Pros and Cons of having a remote database over the inbuilt /embedded database.

Cons of a remote database:

A lot of extra work

  • You have to create your own tables, indexes, relations yourself
  • Create a extension with the imported Table definition
  • and of course update this for every change in the database-model

When you create the Entities in ServiceStudio the creation and updates on the model are managed by the platform. So when using a remote database you don't have the full advantage of a low-code, quickly changeable platform.

Pros of a remote database:

  • You have to create your own tables, indexes, relations yourself
  • Entities are separated from the OutSystems System entities

The second point can also be done by creating a separate catalog and link the application to this catalog.

Hi Nega,

I want to tell you, as a young man who has just started working with Outsystems that the more you get out of Outsystems, the harder it gets to make it work with Outsystems. And when I say "out of Outsystems" I'm talking about things like remote DDBB.

Maybe you'd get way more control with remote DDBB but I can tell you 100% sure that it will end up being hard really tough.


I always choose to use the internal base, but there are situations that will be necessary to use the external one, unfortunately the platform today can not work with multiple instances, only with multiple catalogs within the same instance. In some scenarios where you need to deploy systems in different instances you will have no choice but to work through extension mapping the database externally.