Lisbon Templates not working with existing default template web application

Hi Team,

We have created the web application with default template we need the tabs functionality. In default templates we don't have option for tabs 

For This Module Dependencies we have enabled the Lisbon template 

Lisbon  Templates not working with existing default template web application

kindly advise to achieve the same.


Parthiban M

Hi Parthiban,

If I am understanding you correctly, you are trying to use WebPatterns (Silk UI) widgets on a non-silk based theme and trying to achieve this by using the Lisbon template on top of your default template.

If you don't have a need to use the Lisbon template, and were just doing this to try to make the tabs pattern work, you can reference a recent post of mine for information on how to use silk patterns without having a silk base:

If the patterns are working fine, but you are trying to achieve the look of the patterns from the lisbon theme css, you would need to set the base theme of the theme used for these widgets to the LisbonTheme.

For more information on themes you can reference this article: