migrate the Outsystems to another server


We need to request a new license if we want to migrate the Outsystems to another server?
Can we use the same?

Pedro Ventura
Hi Pedro

If you're using the free OutSystems Express Edition, when installing it on another server, a free edition license will be installed as well, if you use a fresh database for it. Then, if you which to migrate the OutSystems application's database, you'll need to backup the just installed license first, since restoring the database will overwrite it. Then you just need to upload the new license again.

If you're using a licensed Express, Professional or Enterprise edition of the OutSystems platform, you'll need to ask for a new license, following the procedures described on the License page of Service Center. This is because the serial number is based on the OutSystems Deployment Controller (Hub Controller) server's hardware and operating system, and if the server changes, the license becomes invalid.