server automatically accessing screens every 5 minutes?

I've run into a very strange problem in outsystems 9.0. Service Center is (can't upgrade). This project is running on three servers, two of which are internal and VPN-only and one that's internet-facing so anyone can access. This issue is happening on the internet-facing one. Every five minutes, it automatically calls the system login screen then tries to access the two espaces I'm working on which both have anonymous roles so no login necessary anyway. It hits an error becasue it tries to call a web service in one of the espace screen preparations and doesn't have the right parameters (because it's doing it automatically).

There is no process or timer that is running or that would do this even if there were. It's also not a person because it's happened every five minutes exactly for the past 1.5 weeks at least, probably longer and we haven't been able to find a solution. I attached a screenshot of the screen log with the server trying to access. Does anyone have a guess as to what is causing this?? I can give more info if necessary.

You should use support ticket for this type of problem.

Internal Error doesn't said much...