Display JSON API data

Display JSON API data



I'm trying to display some data I am getting from a REST API, I'm not sure if i'm doing it correctly but i've been looking all day and I can't seem to do it. I hope the attatched screenshot helps in some way. I'm fairly new to this so if you could please be fairly basic in your response(s).



I did not understand your doubt. For the image you consumed a rest point and want to display the content?

See this link, I think help you:


Hello Owen,

Sorry, but I have to ask... Did you did the Online training on Mobile?

If not, you should. If you did, I'm not able to figure out the question.

You have a method. Call it, process the data the way you want and show it in the screen...


I want to get up-to-date data from here:


and I want to display it in my mobile application