Error in external database extension deployment from dev to prod

I have an enterprise environment on AWS configured for .Net/SQLServer. 

I have an MSSQL instance I have registered in my database connections.

I have created an extension module and pulled the schema from the MSSQL database.

The database extension is set up for .Net only

It compiles and saves and it also running fine in dev environment with my code. 

MSSQL table show in dev environment like [DEV].[dbo].[RATE]

Database connection name(defined in service center is devdb) -

Database schema name - Dev in development and PROD in production 

Error - When I am deploying code from dev to Prod via lifetime, I am getting errors. I have scheme name PROD in production environment.

Can anyone help me in this, acc to me if we define database connection in service center then Outsystems will make connection string on runtime. Automatically, OS we need to take the schema name from service center and create dynamic name like [PROD].[dbo].[RATE]


Hello Rajat.

I think the problem is the name in the entity in the extension.

Like this



Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your reply.


For anyone else still facing this issue, check out the "Remove database name from the Extension in Dev environment" section of the new step by step guide on how to deploy an integration with an external SQL Server or Azure Server database.