Adding a mobile module to application doesn't work


I would like to build an application with a mobile module and web module. For this I have created an application with a web module (including Silk) and an application with a mobile module. Now I want to match both modules. Both modules should access the same database.

Unfortunately I do not see the corresponding application after calling the "Move-To-Button". Also via a cloning of the mobile module after idenpent module I get only mobile applications displayed.

What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you...


Hello Tobias.

It is not possible to mix mobile and web modules. Or the app is mobile, or is web.

If you need to share non visual elements, like server entities, between web and mobile modules, it is still possible the normal way (reference).

Hope this helps.



Hello Eduardo,

Thank you very much for the super fast response.

I already thought something like that.
It has just tried it, you can also access the shared database via different applications.
So you do not have to bring the modules together in one application.

Thanks again and have a nice day.