Regarding image Previewer


I want show the preview image(In table list Records widgets) like as balloon widget. Can we achieve that in outsystems. If yes can you tell me how to do that.


Saravana Kumar


Hi Saravana

You can use the SilkUI Web Pattern 'Balloon' Widget to make this happen. To include this in your project (if it is not already depending on your initial Theme) open the references window and include ti like so:

Then it should appear on the left widget toolbar:

  1. Place the widget in the table records. 

  2. Set the name of the widget you would like to hover or click on to preview

  3. Inside the ballon place an "Image" widget

  4. Set the image widget to "Database" and set the appropriate image database atributes

And that's it, you're done!

I'll attach a sample of this. You can check out the working product at:

Hope it helps!


  Carlos Lopez S. Jácome


Hi Carlos,

         It's working fine. Thank you for your response.