I have a table with a pager and a button that adds a new row. I want to add a new row to the page where that row is, both in the table and in the pager.

Could someone help me?

Greetings and thank you

Hi Julio

Could you give us a bit more detail? Is the table a Table Records or a simple HTML table? Are you using the bootstrap "pager" class. Could you upload an example OML or screenshot of what you're trying to do?

It sound like what you need can be accomplished using a "Data Refresh" and an "Ajax Refresh" upon button press, however we'd need a bit more information to help you out more. You ca check out Ajax and Data refreshes over here:

Hope it helps!


   Carlos López S. Jácome


The problem was that I was getting it to navigate well to the desired page, but the pager was not refreshing properly. Finally, the solution was to use the third parameter of the List_Navigation_GetStartIndex function that allows you to overwrite the parameter where the current index is stored.

Thank you very much!


Great! You might want to mark your post as the solution so everyone knows how you did it. 

Have a great day!