Outsystems: isolation of users over multiple projects.


I have noticed that the 3 projects being developed by me and my coworkers are sharing the same user database (System.users). while sometimes a central login database can be desired, that is not what we actually desire.

As it stands the users of application A can login into application B and vise-versa, even though the roles and permissions stop them from performing any activities or visualizing any data but i still think that is far from ideal.

Is there anyone that can tell me how can i configure a different user table for each new project, so that i can have each set of users isolated and oly acessing their respective systems.


Hello Ferox,

You can specify a different User Provider. I think this will help you for your use case.



As Armando mentioned, specifying a different User Provider may be the way to achieve the desired behavior. Users will be stored in the same DB table, but using the Multi-Tenancy approach.

This is the behaviot that differentiates regular application users from Service Center users.