Enable a link for specfic row in editable table


I'm using a web block named "WbContractList". In which, I've an editable table with an option button in the first column and an EDIT and Delete options in the last column.

Currently, When page is published, the first contract in the list get selected. if the user click on second contract delete option, the first contract gets delete. which is  incorrect?

What i want is when user select a row only for that row the delete option is enabled and of rest of them it should be disabled. I tried couple of option like align disable/enable property to a variable and enclosing in IF statement however did not work.

Please advise, if there is any work around for this.

Sunil Babar

Hi Sunil,

You can't get GetContractsByAccountId.List.Current.Contracts.Id after you use a refresh data in DeleteContract_ConractSections, if you do that, the CURRENT one will be the 1st record in the Aggregate.

Drag the assing and the notify action before the refresh data and your problem should be resolved.