How to receive 'HEAD method' requests on the OSP Server

Hi. I'm Takahiro.

I'm try to create some APIs by which the mobile app requests to the OSP Server.

However, the OSP server seems to reject requests by 'HEAD method'.

So, could you please tell me how to receive 'HEAD method' requests on the OSP Server ?


Hi Takahiro,

Can you give a little more detail? What errors are you seeing when making requests to the API? Is this a mobile app developed in OutSystems calling API's in your OutSystems environment? If not, what are the two pieces?


Thank you for your reply, Justin.

The error is "HTTP405(Method Not Allowed)".

The mobile app is not developed by Oustsystems but by Swift.

(Off course, the API is developed by Outsystems.)

I checked 'ServiceCenter/General_Logs' after the OSP Server rejected the 'HEAD Method' request.

But there are no error logs about the request.

So, I guess this is the cause of the IIS configuration...



Hi Takahiro,

  1. Errors appear in the Error Log, not the General Log;
  2. I don't think the Platform logs outside (consuming) requests that fail because of the reason above.

What I would advise you to do is increase the logging level of the exposed REST API, and check the Integration Log after calling. This will provide you with the exact headers that are sent by the external app. Most likely it does a POST or PUT where you have set the API to GET, or something along those lines.