Ajax refresh on Editable table


I've a editable table on a web block.  After adding few records, i delete a record, after ajax refresh no records or single record is displayed.

Please suggest is there a way, where after refresh same number of records are displayed

Sunil Babar

Hi Sunil,

Iirc, there's some bugs with Editable Tables and the Ajax Refresh. If you search on this forum, you will probably find some pointers how to work around that.

Hi Kilian

Thanks for the suggestion!

I did check on the forum, however I could find any solution which helps to solve my issue.


Sunil Babar


Can you share an oml so we can try to help you?

Abílio Matos

There are various posts about refreshing Editable Tables, but none seem to match your exact scenario. Where do you perform the Ajax Refresh, in the On Delete Row Screen Action?


Hi sunil.

You can try two ways. One of the easiest ways but not the most correct is to put the destination as a currentscreen of the save or delete action. Another way, you can load the DB data to an internal list, work with the list and only at the end it sends the list to the DB.


Earlier,  I put the ajax refresh on the Delete row screen action and later i added a Refresh button in the header.

Attached is the oml  file. Refer to web block "wbcontractAddorEdit"

The editable table have some bugs, so i think you can only resolve your issue with one of the two solutions that I mentioned in the above comment.

The first option worked perfectly when i am editing a contract, however when i add a contract and contract section, do some changes in the added section and hit refresh, the entire pop up gets refreshed thus erasing all the data.

I am looking for a workaround for this, which disabling the delete option in editable table, hopefully this works.

Thanks and Regards

Sunil Babar


please look into below link.



Vijay M