[IdP] Idp single sign on Azure AD

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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins
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Published on 7 Jan by Telmo Martins

Hi All, 

Trying to use Idp connector to sign in user from Azure Active Directory

Followed instructions from Idp, registered an app in Azure and updated idp configurations (screenshot attached) 

When I go to login screen I get following error 


Unable to create SAML Request

Saml Message Logs says "Invalid URI: The URI is empty"

Could you please assist?


Hi Qaisar,

Based on the screenshot, you may have some invalid configuration on the connector, the IdPServer (Azure AD) SSO URL or the SP entity/issuer value.


Hi Telmo, 

Thanks for your reply, Here is the screenshot of the configuration screen, I got these URLs from Azure AD when I added an application for SSO using SAML2

I am not sure which URL should I use for "IdP server Single Sign-On URL" is this the one specified in screenshot or should this be URL given to me from Azure Application (below)


You should use the one provided by Azure (it's Azure domain URL, not a IdP connector domain URL).

You should also uncheck the "Is OutSytems IdP Server" option, since you are using Azure AD as IdPServer.

However the error you got, its due a malformed URI in the configuration. The IdP server URL or the SP issuer that's configured on the next tab (SP Connector and claims).