FileSystem - Integration studio options not correctly defined

FileSystem - Integration studio options not correctly defined

Hello, while i was trying to compile/upload extension filesystem, i got an "Integration Studio" Options not correctly defined.... I'm able to upload other extensions so i don't understand why this happens....

Anyone may know why this happens? The only line that is not filled is the "compare files using: ..."

Best regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

That extension is probably targeted to .NET and Java and you might not have both SDK's properly configured.
You can either:

a) If you want to compile for both environments:
- Go to Edit>Options and configure .NET and J2EE SDK's

b) If you are only targeting one environment (e.g. .NET)
- Dbl-click the extension and set the Application Server to .NET

Let me know if any of these helped.

Tiago Simões
Thank you Tiago,

i was being blind by the "default application type" and couldn't see the extension one.

I changed it to .NET and it now works fine.

Thank you one more time,

Best regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro

Hello I am having the same problem and cannot publish one of my extensions. The published version of the extension was done in and I want to upgrade that version to I have set to .Net and it didn't work either. Can anyone help me with this problem.

I define to .Net but the Integration Studio always asks again and agan the same thing when i try to publish (that integration studio options are not well defined)...

Thank you

Best regards

Ok, I solve it already, I had only to define in the main window the application server to .Net prior to publish. Thanks