[Google Maps Plugin] Android: Deprecated Missing Symbol getOpenSourceSoftwareLicenseInfo

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Published on 2017-08-04 by Grazina
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Published on 2017-08-04 by Grazina

Hi, if I use Google Map Plugin only I can compile successfully which use:

<engine name="cordova-android" version=">=5.1.0" />

But I need to use also https://github.com/situmtech/situm-cordova-plugin which uses:

<engine name="cordova-android" version=">=6.0.0" />

I got Deprecated Missing Symbol error:

/tmp/build/source/platforms/android/src/plugin/google/maps/Environment.java:121: error: cannot find symbol
    String msg = GoogleApiAvailability.getInstance().getOpenSourceSoftwareLicenseInfo(cordova.getActivity());
  symbol:   method getOpenSourceSoftwareLicenseInfo(Activity)
  location: class GoogleApiAvailability

How to solve this?

Do I need to fork https://github.com/OutSystemsExperts/cordova-plugin-googlemaps and remove the code?

Does author accept pull request?

AndroidBuildLog.txt attached.



Since nobody answering, and https://github.com/OutSystemsExperts/cordova-plugin-googlemaps stale for almost 2 years, I forked this plugin and upgrade it to Cordova Android >6.0.0 (removing deprecated function).

If someone need solution for this, you can use my forked plugin in your Extensibility Configuration instead:

    "plugin": {
        "url" : "https://github.com/harlin-setiadarma/cordova-plugin-googlemaps#OS_2.0.0-beta3-20180417-2330",
        "variables": [
                "name": "API_KEY_FOR_ANDROID",
                "value": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
                "name": "API_KEY_FOR_IOS",
                "value": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"