Merge cell in dynamically (runtime)

Hi Guys,

Just want to ask if it is possible to merge cell in OutSystem on runtime. I currently creating a project that need to create a template in a tabular form like the one below :

As you notice the form is compose of merge cells for both row and column. One of the requirement is the user can manipulate Remark (column with red border) which means that user has the ability to perform the following :

   A. Insert new rows and column.

  B. Merge rows and column

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestion. 


Hello Ariel,

Is it possible? Yes. Using a combination of List Records and Web blocks...
Is it easy? No.
Is it worth the work? I doubt.

You probably should go for something different, more "organic" and less "the same thing as in excel"...


Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for the reply. Actually the use of List Records and Web blocks is the one that is suggested by our support but the real challege here is the insertion and merging of Rows and Columns.

Another option that we are looking for is to create the above tabular form using Table widget without the insertion and merge function. Actually we have different template of the run card (15 -20 templates) that will need to display. The user will just select the name of the run card from a dropdown and the appropriate template will be display. Can you give suggestion on how to accomplish this ?


Hello Ariel,

If you are thinking in working with "templates" and have to stay with this kind of layout, I would say the best approach is still using list records and web blocks. You would "store" the configuration in database and when the user selected the template, you would use this configuration to build the page.

You probably will need a list of columns. and each column will need a list of "rows". This way you can configure any way you want.

The logic behind will require you to deal with dynamic input fields.

It's doable. Will require some effort.
Using Tables will be much more complicate, it seems to me.

I'm not seeing other option right away.