Import excel headers dynamically

Hi everyone,

I am trying to import an excel. But the headers of columns are the weeks of the year, like this: 201806, 201807, 201808..., so every time we import, the headers are different. Every excel will have up to 5 columns (5 weeks). As I know in outsystems you need to define the columns headers in advance in the Entity Attributes? 

Is there anyone that my Entities get the name of their Attributes from the column headers? OR is there any other way which I can assign the headers to my Entity Attributes?

Any help is appreciated.

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@Spider Man

Can you have a "fixed header"? "Week", for instance? You see, the platform will need a fixed header in order to map things... it could be Week1, Week2, etc

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actually the excels get downloaded from a third application which give the number of the weeks as integers (201806, ..) so they are not fixed. every month we get a new excel with different header titles.

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Hi Spider Man,

it's possible to import dynamic excel files, but with a little bit more effort. For that you can use, for example, the following forge component:


It will allow you to read cell by cell.


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Hi Team,

Is it possible to read the same columns from the excel but the headers start at different row numbers.

For example: In first excel , Col1, col2, col3 start at row 12 in the excel . In the second excel same headers(cols) start from row 15. 

In the below image, headers start from row 12 instead of row 1 . Is it possible to read data from such excels?

Is it feasible in Outsystems?