Hi Guys,

Is it possible to integrate outsystems with Sharepoint ? If yes, please share with how to.

Hi Rogério

I believe what you're looking for is in the forum topic OutSystems and Share Point .

The point already as some beards, but it has very useful information about the subject.

Hi Miguel,
I'm trying to access that post, but it goes to a non permission page. Is it not public?
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Hi Rogério.

You're right, I'm sorry, that post is currently unavailable.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that Sharepoint exposes Web Services that can easily be integrated with the OutSystems platform.

From the blog entry Integrating SharePoint with other portals and web application :

"SharePoint exposes a lot of its functionality using Web Services over HTTP. This can be used, for instance, to get a list of libraries on a site, to add an item to a list, to get information about users, etc. SharePoint web services are implemented using the .NET Framework and they use SOAP, XML and HTTP, also providing a WSDL. The SharePoint SDK includes a complete reference of all the web services available and the list includes: Administration, Alerts, Authentication, Copy, Document Workspace, Forms, Imaging, List Data Retrieval, Lists, Meetings, People, Permissions, SharePoint Directory Management, Site Data, Sites, Search, Users and Groups, Versions, Views, Web Part Pages, and Webs."

Information about which web services are available from Sharepoint can be found in the MSDN Library .

Additionally, there's also the Windows Sharepoint Services, which may improve the data storage and management.

Hope this information is useful.