[IdP] IdP redirect issue after login to Azure

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Published on 4 Aug by Telmo Martins
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Published on 4 Aug by Telmo Martins

Hi All,

I am working on the IdP module. I have configured the IdP connector in moc-dev.outsystemsenterprise.com environment using XML file downloaded from Azure but I am getting the following error -


1. Created a non-gallery application in Azure and provided the URLs for the SSO configuration.

2. Configured the IdP connector in Outsystems - Imported the XML file downloaded from Azure and provided the SP Issuer same as the Identifier configured in Azure configuration.

3. Login to the Application using Azure account and the error appears after login.

I have tried similar steps with another XML file and Azure account which is having global administrator permissions. I am able to login to the application successfully using Azure SSO.

Could you please help me to find out if there is a permission error or a configuration error in Azure or IdP connector?


Anil Kumar


is your module actually called idp?

and there is a page which is named SSO.aspx?


Yes the module is IdP only.
https://moc-dev.outsystemsenterprise.com/IdP/SSO.aspx -This is the Reply URL I have configured in Azure for Single Sign on for the same module.