Question on database and multiple espaces


We started to create our app without thinking it could grow so much and so fast and we ended with one single Core module with all database and business logic in it. Per some recommendations, we want to split this module into multiple "core" espaces. 

My question is: since we have all database entities in the same Core espace and we are going to split it, should we also split the entities related to each new Core espace? Or, should we keep all entities in the same espace and have all other modules consume it? What should be a best practice?

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Hi Paola,

It is best practice to also have the entities split into the modules like the business logic, grouped in a way that makes sense to your model.

But, moving the entities in the hardest to achieve in the refactoring process, especially if your application is already in production and in use.

That said, here are some useful resources to help guide you:

You should also use this forge component to help you in the process:

Good luck!