I'm very happy to announce that the OutSystems Platform now has support for the new Excel 2007 file format. The support was added in version, and enables users to upload the new xslx Excel files. Downloaded Excel files continue to use Excel's 2003 file format to enable users to continue using previous versions of Excel.

To enable support for Excel 2007 in your factory you need to:
After following these steps you can start uploading Excel 2007 files just like you used to do for Excel 2003.

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Hi Rodrigo,

This'll be very helpful!
I was hoping this feature would be available for version 4.0 too! Is this going happen? Or will we have to wait for the next upgrade to be able to use Excel 2007?


Is there any news regarding the support for Excel 2007 in version 4.0? It would be very useful, since we have many customers trying to upload .xlsx files.

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Hi Fernando

There's no date for including the support for Excel 2007 in OutSystems Platform 4.0, because it will not be included in this release. Currenlty, this support it's only included by OutSystems Platofrm 4.1, and it will be included in the future releases of the OutSystems Platfom, but not 4.0 release.



Having enabled a factory to support Excel 2007, is it still possible to continue to import xls files also?
Is there a way to put the platform to download an xlsx? I'm asking this because of the rows limitation that existis in Excel 2003.

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Hello Ruben,

Yes, even after enabling support for Excel 2007 the platform can still import Excel's xls files.

Currently there's no way to make the platform return an xlsx file, but this capability is already on our backlog. I've added your feedback to the issue and we'll inform as soon as this feature is available.

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The problem of returning an xlsx file has been overcome in the plataform 4.2? Or is still a issue?
Thank You

Hi Hugo,


Unfortunately, in Platform 4.2, is not yet possible to export xlsx excel files, and as far as I can know it won't be available in the 5.0 version.


By the way, why do you need and/or want to export xlsx excel files? One of the advantages of exporting in the old xls format is that all MS Excel versions open this format.



João Portela

The same reason you want to use the upload of an xlsx, because of the limitation of the 65k rows of Excel older version.

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Hugo Jesus



The fact is, for most people using the platform, exporting such large data sets to an excel is not a common scenario. If the platform were to support both xls and xlsx that would add additional complexity for the developers designing the applications. Only supporting xlsx is not an option as a lot of people have not upgraded to Office 2007 yet.


Probably the best solution for your scenario is exporting your data set to a CSV file using a custom component such as this one:



Hope this helps.


All the best,

    Pedro Oliveira

It's possible to open an excel 2007 file in earlier Office versions. You just need to install a compatibility pack available at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HA100141071033.aspx

Imagine you want to export operation logs that may contain quotes, commas and line feeds in the text... You'll probably end up with a messed up csv file, hence the need to export to xlsx files.


Indeed you can open xlsx files in an early version of the MS Excel with the converter you are referring.

The problem that Hugo is facing is the large row/column number, and this converter do not resolve this problem. As you can see in Office Excel 2007 features that are not supported in earlier versions of Excel page you need to cut the contents outside the MS Excel 2003 limits (256 columns by 65,536 rows) before converting the file.

So, as Pedro Oliveira indicated a good work around is to export your data (with large number of rows or columns) to a CSV format file. If you're having problems with quotes, commas or other characters, MS Excel also opens other type of files, for instance html files, that override this particular problem.



João Portela