Search filter - date null

Hello I've implemented search filter like it is in courses, I have date input where null value is 1990... ect. It is the problem how can I avoid it in searching?

Hey demetre

You can be clearer in your doubt.

But what do you need more? I've name surname and birth date inputs in my search filter. if i need to filter with only name it is impossible because the date is always filled and it is always null value if I don't change. I need to avoid this. 

in the search filter does or instead of and

Ok, let me explain again. Let's have only date input and search button. the query is 

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Contact.BirthDate = SearchDate

the searchDate variable is the input value and it's always something. I dont need so. When I need to search only with name it filters with name and although the Birthdate = '1990-01-01' ( default null value)

Contact.BirthDate = SearchDate or Contact.Name = SearchName

Why? I'm not asking that, is it hard to listen me? I know how to filter with both name or date.Let me explain again, If I don't enter the D A T E it's null by default and the null value is some date(1990-01-01). So if I want to search all John in my list without their birthdate I can't search them because the SearchDate value is always something.

Where If(searchdate = nulldate, "ok", contact.birthdate) = If(searchdate = nulldate, "ok", searchdate)