OutSystems License with on-premise Installation

If customer buy OutSystems license and installed it on their server, in case of they don’t continue pay annual subscription, it’s surely that they cannot continue dev, update version on their apps but my question is... they still can use it or not? (Because some platform that I familiar with it’s cannot update version, but user can still use application)

Hello Anchaleeporn

Not sure if you can still use the application, as part of the license is the number of active users, and once the license expires, is like this number drops to 0... (But I am really unsure here).

In any case, if the user wants to keep using the application, but do not want to develop with OutSystems anymore, they can DETACH the code. The C#/Java code generated for the application together with everything that is needed to run the application (including libraries, etc), will be available and the client can keep using the application. 

Detachment is irreversible. 

Hope this helps.