Editable Table grid Replacement

Hello All, we are building an Accounting Application where the business needs to be able to input lots of data into an Excel like grid.  They are accustomed to a grid that is very much Excel like.  While the Editable Table was initially OK to start with, we need something a bit more robust.  Has anyone taken on the challenge of replacing the existing Editable Table grid with a thrid part solution?  If so what was your experience?

Thank you very much!

Chris Woodruff

Hello Chris,

Are you looking for something like this?


It's very old (version 6, but maybe can be a starting point?
There are others options, like this here:


The big problem is that the Editable Table is a "system" component, so you can just drag and drop things in it, while anything ales you come up with will require some extra effort.

We, for example, alredy did this. We tend to use Table Records with the possibility to edit fields through using some web blocks instead of using expressions. The web block allow for editing and update the information, but it is not "flexible" like Editable Table.