MultiUsers Allocation


I would need help in below procedure.

1) I have all the data in single entity which will be allocate to multiusers for editing purpose.Kindly let me know the procedure which can help me to allocate unused record to users.

Example: I have 20 records in my entity & 10 users who is going to work on same at same time. I would like to allocate 1 record to 1 user and that respective record should not allocate to others users.




Hi Sunil

you can use Get--ForUpdate action from your entity when user goes to edit the record.

when user opens any record for update with this action, it will block that record for other users updation and they will not be able to update this record until current user updates it.

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Thanks Suraj,

Is there any way to findout which record is currently in use.i.e.

If 5 records out of 10 are being used for updates then i can find which is in use or which is not.


Sunil Kaushik

Hi Sunil,

What do you want to achieve? How are customer records assigned to users? Is it a workflow-like process? Using BPT ou can assign activities to specific users/roles/groups, and when someone opens an activity it becomes blocked for others.

Regarding GetForUpdate action, please note that it only works in the scope of the transaction where it is called, forcing you to implement a logic lock functionality on your side to accomplish your goal.



Thanks Tiago,

I am trying to create an logic for a form which has 2 buttons; 1st button to assign task and 2nd button to submit after update.

i.e. If there will be 5 users and data of 50 transaction . Once user will click on 1st button then transaction which is not allocated to anyone else to allocate to him.

Hope it will clear the objective of question.


Sunil Kaushik

After assigning the task, when is it expected for the user to complete it? "Immediately" or is it something he can do later on?


Hi Sunil,

Sorry for the late answer.

I would go for something like having a button in the task list to Take a task (assigning it to the current user). The associated screen action would validate if the task is still unassigend: If yes, it would stamp the mark the record as taken by the current user and navigate to a detail screen for the updates. After the updates, the Submit button would have to clear thae assignement from the task. If no, you should display a message and refresh the list.

The screen action where you verify if the task is taken is where you should use the GetForUpdate.

Since a user may take a task a not Sumit it, you alsoo need a process to clear the owner of tasks pending for more than x minutes.