I do like this

1. get data from aggregate

2. assign local  var MyRecordList = aggregate.list 

3. bound edittable source record list with  MyRecordList

4. use ajax submit

I  found MyRecordList(ReporItemRecordList) is Empty in ajax submit. why????

thank you very much.


ajax submit,  i find aggregate.list is Empty,  list local variable is Empty.  why????

It looks like the aggregate GetReportItems is empty as well, so there is never anything put in the list to start.

If you're trying to iterate against items that were added to the ReportItemTable in the page you have to Iterate against the list that is present at ReportItemTable.List

hi Jordan Welch,

Thank you very much.

GetReportItems  is not empty.  data in ReportItemTable.List is which input by user. In my case i want to 

get which data is changed by user. I want to do like this :  if  ReportItemTable.List.current <> 

ReportItemRecordList[ReportItemTable.List.currentrownumber] then do something.

1.capture after preparation

2. preparation (debug stop on preparation), lists is not empty