Change PIN Security after Registration of PIN in MOB App

I have registered the pin number for mobile application. But some how I forgot that So what is the path and flow to change that pin number.....

Hi Rohan,

What are you talking about? What mobile app? What PIN number?

Kilian Hekhuis wrote:

Hi Rohan,

What are you talking about? What mobile app? What PIN number?

Hi Kilian, Sorry for late reply...Actually I am developing a sample mobile application and using "Pin Code" module to get access in to the mobile application. I have registered Pin at the time of pin registration with something which I forgot now. So, IS there any way to get value of that pin that I registered pin. Thanks......

Hi Rohan,

I'm not sure where the Pin Code component stores its data (you can probably check the source to see). If you are developing the app yourself, you can always reset the pin, or temporarily remove the component, or the like to get access to the app again.

How can I reset the pin? Thanks....

Have you checked how the component stores the PIN? Or whether it has something like a reset function?

Hi Rohan

Assuming you're using this PIN component, you'd need to re-run the Pincode_Register block with the same user signed in to the app. This will change the value of the pin to the new one you register.

Furthermore, the PIN Code plugin uses the KeyStore Plugin, so if you need the reset to be done on code, you can use the KeyStorePlugin's action SetValue to do it.

Hope this helps!