Are labels not allowed in List Records?  I just realized that I can't put one in there, it just won't go. I even put one in a container and after I dragged it into the list records it had gone way.

What is the reason for this? 

Assuming there is something I'm missing.


Hi Jordan,

It's true that you can't add a Label to a List Records. Labels were introduced alongside the From Widget, and primarily intended for use with that widget. Though you can add Labels to e.g. Edit Records, Service Studio will not create them automatically when e.g. drag/dropping an Attribute onto them.

A Label has an Input Widget property, that allows you to set the Id of an Input Widget the Label controls. When clicking on the Label, the Input Widget will receive the focus. As for the List Records, they're meant to display data, not for editing it. List Records don't typically have Input Widgets, so it makes kinda sense to not allow a Label in them, although I don't see any harm if it were allowed.

If you really want a Label inside a List Records, you can create a Web Block that contains the Label. It's a bit "heavy" and perhaps overkill, but it'll get the job done.


Thanks Kilian. 

I did eventually make a web block with all the information that I was going to put in the List Records. Now that I look you also can't put forms or show records either. I guess forcing you to use a web block does help you design something that in the long run is a bit easier to understand and better practice, but if you can do it that way there really is no reason not to just let you throw it right in the List records

Just wish they had some sort of popup while I was trying to pull the label in explaining it. Instead it just felt like Service studio was glitching.

Hi Jordan,

Complex widgets that contain multiple records, e.g. Table Records, Edit Records, List Records and Forms cannot be embedded into each other, except via Web Blocks. No doubt this is some sort of technical limitation, and one that can be circumvented by using Web Blocks.

I agree with you that perhaps there should be better info on why something is not possible. But as long as there isn't just keep asking on the forum :). As for Service Studio glitching, it does change the mouse pointer to a "forbidden" sign, so there's some indication, but it is not all too clear.