Service Center license error - not possible to obtaion the server's serial numbe


I managed to install Express Edition and the Service Center. Now when I try to deploy the application I built, I get an error message saying: "The license file found is not valid on this server."

When I open the licensing screen of the Service Center the following message is displayed: "The license found is not valid for this server because it was not possible to obtain the server's serial number."

In the Serial Number tag it says: "Unable to obtain machine identification..." (see also the screenprint)

I'm not sure where to look for a solution for this. Should I request a new license? Or can I reveal the serial number to the Service Center in some way?

Thank you,
Guy Clairbois
Hi Guy,

It seems that there might have been some kind of problem during installation. I think you can work around this problem by clicking the link Upload New License in the licensing screen and uploading the license file that should be located in your file system (probably on C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Service Center\License.lic).

Let me know if that fixed your problem.

Tiago Simões