how to add edit outsystems charts(pia chart) jquery?

hi i m using out systems charts for pia chart. i want to change the position of legends on export to pdf.

How can i do this. Your help will be appreciable.

i got on jquery but how should i implement in oustsytem. 

also i want to keep fix height n width of highchart container. how should i do this.

NOTE: on webpage legends will be at bottom n if i export it to pdf , in pdf the legends should be at right side.(this is what i want)

exporting: {
            chartOptions: {
                legend: {
                   layout: 'vertical',
            align: 'right',
            verticalAlign: 'top',
            x: -90,
            y: 250,
            floating: false,
            borderWidth: 1

Hi Bharat,

How do you export the chart to PDF? That's not standard OutSystems functionality.