Popup display issue- full screen displayed


I have a nagging issue with popups.  I have followed the process as set in youtube tutorials but cannot make my pop-ups float and instead they fully maximise.

My Steps

-Create a hyper link to where pop-up will be called

-Apply Jave Code popup insert on screen and link it to hyper link

-Create a screen with input parameters associated with the link , the parameters are sent on the hyper link

-Cleanse screen as it will only display basic information and save.  Ensure screen is configured as a pop-up

However my popups always open full screen .  Has anyone had these problems?  Is there a quick reference on how to configure the popups step by step in detail as think something was missed in tutorial regarding the right configuration setup needed for the pop up screen.?.


Hello Yasantha.

In this presentation of the Online Training is explained how to use the Popup_Editor to open screens as Popup.