Bootstrapping Excel which has Identifiers connecting to other tables


I have been trying to bootstrap an excel file to a Bookings Entity, which has a RoomId and StatusId associated.
As such I included in the excel file the columns for those two identifiers, passing an integer according to the correct Id of the room/ status I wanted to record. However, I get an empty slot when the bootstrap is verifying the columns (see annexed print), telling me that the data type is incompatible and it requires an integer, even though the value on the excel has been defined as a number.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello André,

Can you post the Excel file here as well?


Sure, here it is and thanks for your time.

Hi André,

Afaik it's not possible to do what you want. Bootstrapping is for simple Entities, not multiple Entities that have references to each other. If you really want that, you'll need to create something yourself.


I came across a solution for my problem. Apparently there was a similar question here on the forum already that I had not seen before.
I will leave the link here as his solution worked for me as well.

After doing what he suggested I also needed to go to the logic tab > server actions > Bootstrap"name_of_the_entity" and on the assign add a IntegerToIdentifier() to the attributes that were supposed to be identifiers.

Thanks for your time and best regards,

André A.