Hello! I deployed an application using outsystems express in a company and everything is doing great except sometimes when people try to access the application and the only thing that shows up is a screen with some fat and big letters saying "Service Unavaible" does anyone know why this happens?

Thanks in advance, João Campos
Hi João

Service Unavailable could mean that the worker process of IIS that serves the applications request just died.

Please checkout any W3SVC or ASP.NET v2.0 error logs in the system and application event viewer logs of the system. Paste the found errors here if you'd like.

Additionally, check the IIS log files (located at c:\Windows\system32\logfiles\w3svc1) and search for the 503 error code (Service Unavailable).

Let us know your findings.


Hi there! Thank you for your help.

On te service center I haven't found any kind of error. In the windows log files i haven't been able to check it yet becaus I don't have access priveleges to the server. I'll check with their IT department and get back to you.

Thanks again for your help.