Problem installing Integration Studio

Problem installing Integration Studio

When I try to install Integration Studio, I get the error:

This advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe. Contact your administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic.

I have administrator control of the machine to where I am installing the Integration Studio, so I should be able to install anything. Can you determine what is going wrong, the setup wizard presents no options to modify...
Sergio S. Bastos
Hi Sérgio

If you're in a Domain computer, you may need also administrative local privileges. Make sure you're user belongs to the local administrators group.

Are you using terminal services, or remote desktop to install the Integration Studio remotely?

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I'm using a domain computer with local administrator privileges and no, I'm not using terminal services or remote desktop.

There seems to be a serious problem with the installer. I got around part of the problem, by creating a local account on the machine but now the shortcuts to the integration studio on my domain account give off an error. (see screenshot)

Also for some reason, the Service Studio refused to install on the local account. It gave off an error reporting that I needed Administrative privileges, which seems about right since the account didn't have Admin privileges...
Hi Sérgio

The screen shot you've uploaded reports that the Integration Studio installer is running from a network folder.

The OutSystems components must be installed from a local folder to avoid this error message. Is it possible that using your domain account, you're temporary folder is located in a remote server? Or using profile roaming?

To use a local account, it must be a local administrator account (meaning with administrative privileges, or the installer will report the error you''ve got with the Service Studio installer.)