How to pre-fill the user name and password field in mobile application


The actual functionality of Remember Login option in the OutSystems will skip the login page if the check box is checked in. But now i don't want to skip the login screen, instead of that if i do check-in the Remember Login option, it has to show the login screen with Username field is automatically filled in.

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Vignesh Balasubramanian

Hi Vignesh,

In that case, it won't be a "Remember Login", but a "Remember Username" (which is also a common option on web sites, but not so much on mobile). Personally, if you have a mobile app that needs a login each time it is used (and I'd only do that for sensitive information, not for social media etc.), I'd opt for a PIN or finger print identification, which is more user friendly imho.

That said, the login screen is part of your app. It's in the app eSpace, so you can just change the functionality to do what you want. What kind of problems have you run into?

Hi Kilian,

Sorry for the late, after a long gap now only i am dealing with that functionality. I just tried to store the User Name value somewhere which should be global and i just want to use that value wherever i had provided the destination to login screen. Since the mobile application doesn't have Session Variable....what would be its better replacement?


Vignesh BalaSubramanian

Hi Vignesh,

Even if it had Session Variables, you couldn't use them since sessions start when logging in. The only persistent storage you have on mobile is the local database, so you'd create a settings Entity or the like, and store the username in there.

For these kind of things I always use local storage items. See below screenshots. No need to make entities for this.

Good luck with it!