[NFC Plugin] Have you looked into adding iOS support?

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Published on 21 Apr by Experts
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Published on 21 Apr by Experts

Now that iOS 11 supports NFC - have you looked into adding iOS support? Something like this one: https://github.com/chariotsolutions/phonegap-nfc


Do we have any news on iOS support?

I've got a WIP version to support the latest version of the original cordova plugin with iOS support but, given time constraints, I haven't been able to finish & publish it. 

Expect it somewhere near in the future.


João Gonçalves

Hi João,

With the extra investment into R&D recently, is there bandwidth to have iOS supported with the NFC Reader?


Hi Robert, 

this plugin is released by the Experts and thus is not an officially supported plugin by the Mobile OutSystems teams. I'm no longer part of the experts teams nor am I continuing to maintain this plugin so I'm not aware of the Experts roadmap or plans about this plugin in question. I'll try to ping someone from the team and make them answer see this post! 


João Gonçalves


We just released a new version that supports iOS. 

A sample app was also added.