How to make current page of List screen navigation persistent?

I had requirement to make ListRecord Navigation current page to be persistent per session.

For example, in List screen, I go to page 10, click a link to detail screen.

Then on detail screen, I clicked on browser's back or Cancel button.

When I get back in List screen, I need it shows the same page number as before.

It's like list screen scaffolded's search filter (stored in session variable), when I get back from detail screen to list screen, search filter still the same.

Is that possible?

Any workaround?


So you can store the variable as a session variable like you were thinking.

You can get the Index with List_Navigation_GetStartIndex and store it each time the page changes

And it looks like List_Navigation_GetStartIndex can take a 3rd parameter which will let you SET the startIndex. If you set that you should be able to return to there.  Haven't tested this, Pulling from this forum post


Hi Jordan,

Thanks for pointing me out that List_Navigation_GetStartIndex has 3rd parameter.

This statement makes me looking into it, and then found out that the 2nd parameter is RememberStartIndex option.

Setting the 2nd parameter to true, takes care of everything I need.